Cutting Windows 10 and 11 processes in half

cut processes in half windows

We could say without fear of being wrong that Windows is an excellent operating system, however, in some computers with less power it tends to slow down due to the amount of processes that are running in the background.

That is why if we look in the "Task Manager" the consumption of resources, we will be able to see that it is using more than normal, as it could be in the RAM, CPU and the Disk.

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How to solve this low performance?

To do this, you have to deactivate the processes that are in the background consuming resources.

However, you have to know which specific services to deactivate, because if you don't do it right, it is likely that the low performance will continue.

Now, doing this process one by one is somewhat tedious and quite long in terms of time duration, you would spend more than half an hour performing the step by step.

The good thing is that this whole procedure has been simplified into a simple script that will make the time required or needed just a few minutes.

Command to reduce processes

Before I continue I have to mention that the person who has created this script is called Chris Titus, and he is a reliable and respected person on the internet about the subject. Moreover, the script is totally open source and you can check it yourself to see that there is nothing malicious.

Open PowerShell

To use the command or script it is necessary to use PowerShell, to do this you must type in the Windows search engine the term "PowerShell" and click on "Windows PowerShell".

A blue window will open in which you will type or paste the following command:

iwr -useb | iex

This will open another tab with certain options.

Windows Utility

In this window you must choose the "Tweaks" option:

windows utility

Then you will see several optimization options: choose according to your type of computer, if it is "Desktop" or "Laptop".

After choosing, click on the "Run Tweaks" option and the process of deactivating unnecessary processes or services will begin.


If you enter the task manager you will see that the processes running in the background have been significantly reduced.

In case you want to revert the changes, you have the option "Undo All Tweaks" and leave everything as it was.

I hope this guide has been to your liking and that it will work for you to optimize your computer.

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